Match Report

Lucy Hart

10/3/20232 min read

Undoubtedly the most gripping match of all from two top teams of first division. Jets home to Marisco white, one to watch…

🔹Q1 Score: 14-8 First quarter is underway, and it’s already a strong battle for the ball! With both teams going goal for goal, Michelle Lowman from Marisco (Centre) sends some bullet passes into the shooting circle for Kia McKenna (GA) and Libby Booker (GS) to put a goal on the end of it! However, Jets Olivia Crow (C) and Emily Templeton (GA) used their polished routine for a centre pass that doesn’t go unnoticed. Together they’re making netball look easy alongside Jets (WD) Rebecca Weir who was supporting the attack along the transverse line, showing she’s not afraid to use the full depth of the court.

🔹Q2 Score: 23-17 Hayley Jennings (C) comes onto court for Marisco and springs straight into her position, bouncing and jumping everywhere. Similarly Laura Major for Jets working the attack with her fast paced drives and shooting with a high success rate. Marisco up the style, starting with Liv Foxon (WA) who performed a fantastic roll of the opponent to get past her player to feed into Libby’s (GS) skilled split landing resulting a goal! WOW! This was then followed by a Jets centre, with Marisco on the defence and an outstretched hand from Kia (GA) for Marisco to gain a turnover. Fab! U! Lous! With two determined teams comes a strong minded umpire setting an example and showcasing great game management skills at the end of this quarter. We love to see it!

🔹Q3 Score: 33-27 Into the second half and Jets make some tactful changes with Lyla Norman taking to the court as WD and bringing the youth energy! Completing this trio of defence, Steph Hanslip (GD) and Izzy Fisher (GK) pull out all the stops and showcase their tight marking and helpful communication leading to some switching, intercepts and a much needed turnover. Laura Croft comes on for Marisco supporting the mid court with some lovely feeds and connecting the defence to attack! Great job! With tiredness comes some mistakes at which Willow Barber had a sharp eye for, no late take off is getting overlooked with this umpire! Go Willow! This game couldn’t be any tighter with equal number of goals from each side. It’s now a battle of consistency with fatigue setting in!

🔹Q4 Score: 42 - 33 Into the last quarter and Jets play the smart game using time on their side and utilising every player and the full width of the court leading to some frustration for Marisco. Regardless Jets Poppy Pearson (GA) and Katie Storr (GS) power through, working so cohesively to demonstrate some neat netball. But even with the height advantage, Marisco’s defence Kelsey Desay (GD) and Lucy Wilson (GK) must have springs in their shoes as they pounce high to get some flawless intercepts. As the match comes to an end Jets take the victory in a well contested match between both teams. Superb performance all round and well done to the fab umpiring. What a great game to watch and did NOT disappoint!

🤩Thank you to the Umpires: Willow Barber and Julie Klug

🤩Player’s Player: Poppy Pearson & Lucy Wilson

🤩Umpire’s Player: Poppy Pearson & Kelsey Desay

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🟧Bridge McFarland Jets Sponsor:

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