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Our League and history

The Grimsby and District Senior Netball League is a long-standing women's league that has been operating since 1975.

Matches are held on Monday and Tuesday evenings at Oasis Wintringham, Weelsby Avenue, Grimsby. Currently, the league consists of 27 teams, divided into three divisions, with a maximum capacity of 48 teams. Games are scheduled at two different start times: 7:00 pm and 8:15 pm. Each match is played over four quarters, with 15 minutes per quarter. The league does not follow a specific pattern for game days, so one week it might be on a Monday, and the next it could be on two consecutive Tuesdays. The Fixtures Secretary takes care of all the arrangements for the fixtures. Any new team joining the league will start in the lowest division.

The Winter league which commences in September each year sees each team play each other twice this is then followed by the Handicap Tournament.

The Summer league usually starts around April and each team plays each other once. The Jo Laird Memorial Tournament is held in June/July each year and we have recently introduced the Kristal Memorial Mixed Netball Tournament which will be held annually.

​The league is run by an excellent Committee of volunteers and play by the England Netball Rules and by the Rules and Regulations and Constitution of the League. All teams within the league must affiliate their players to All England on the 1st September each year and the cost of this is £43.50 per person (2022/23) this includes public liability insurance and each player receives a copy of the Netball Magazine this affiliation also generates a county fee to Lincolnshire who are our regional body and provide various umpiring and coaching courses.

Each team has to pay court fees of £15.00 each week and a Summer League fee of approximately £50.00 is collected from each team in March this is to cover the administration of the league.

Teams participating in the league must provide an umpire each week if you do not have a qualified umpire you will have to arrange for this to be covered. England Netball does provide umpiring courses, at present these are online. so to book a course, go to England Netball Website, search for a course, and enter Into Officiating.

The league has four meetings a year which have to be attended by a member of each team.

Every year a local charity is adopted and various fundraising events held.

A Presentation Evening is held at the end of the Summer Season each year which is thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

People and culture

Our players, umpires and coaches are what make our league a great place to be. The league is run by a committee of volunteers who are dedicated to the love of the sport of netball.

Our Codes of Conduct require the highest standards of conduct from everyone involved in netball to ensure that their behaviour and actions meet the values and standards expected at all times. Everyone must conduct themselves in an honest, fair, impartial and transparent manner. Our Codes of Conduct are applicable to all aspects of the Sport and are driven by England Netball’s Values (Respect, Teamwork, Achievement and Fun) and the Guiding Principles.

Meet the Committee

The Committee is to uphold the League to it's Rules and Regulations and Constitution and have a balanced and fair approach to all players and teams in all of the netball platforms.

Jackie Hewitt


Tracy Barford

Vice Chair & Fundraising Officer

Tracy deputises for the Chair when she is not available and supports in the decision making of the league.

Tracy is the league fundraising officer, responsible for organising the charity events, raffles, name cards and liaising with the charity leads.


Vicky Smith


Vicky provides secretarial and administration support to the Committee and League. She also helps new players looking for teams and supports members with any questions they have.


Jo Bradbury


Jo collects the netball payments from delegated team collectors and ensures all GDSNL accounts and banking is accurate and timely.


Jackie ensures the smooth running of our league. Any complaints have to be put in writing and sent to her

Ann-Marie Tuplin

Umpiring Secretary

Ann-Marie is responsible for organising testing dates for umpiring. Ann-Marie also supports practical training for new umpires and progressing through the awards. She will always respond to any officiating queries you may have.


Kirsty Charlton

Fixtures Secretary

Kirsty is responsible for the GDSNL Fixtures for matches and tournaments. Kirsty collates the results weekly and updates the league tables.


Jackie Hewitt

Interim Membership Secretary

Jackie is responsible for the administration of the memberships to GDSNL. She supports members with queries in engage and registration to the league. Guesting and playing up are reported to Tracey via text.


Lucy Collins

Press & Publicity

Lucy writes match reports, updates our social media platforms and website with all the latest news and events.


Julie Klug

Safeguarding & Coaching Officer

Julie is an England Netball qualified level 2 coach, she offers team and player coaching sessions - please contact Julie for further information.


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