Match Report

Lucy Hart

10/3/20234 min read

Quarter One 🔸Score: 7-11

Global Hydraulic Services (GHS) started the match off taking the first centre pass, quickly intercepted by their opponents Heath & Hygiene! Lola Brown immediately stood out as GK for Heath & Hygiene, applying the pressure on Willow Barber as GS for GHS. The teamwork from Katie Brentnall (Centre) and Sophie Smith as Wing Attack made a brilliant feed in to Willow Barber landing GHS a goal. Both teams were clearly working hard to find their flow in this first quarter, and Nicole Jonczyk (WD) certainly played her part in the centre court and around the shooting circle for Heath’s, adding pressure to GHS attacking players. GHS were struggling to feed in to their shooters with their Goal Defence Fran Hague-Blundy (Heath) using her height to her advantage with some fabulous interceptions. This led to a penalty for contact from GHS, giving possession to Heath and Hygiene now with their magical pass over to Louise Johnson as Goal Shooter, landing another goal for their team. The first quarter ended with Louise making a defensive interception as a shooter gaining possession, however this was very swiftly overturned by GHS Goal Keeper Georgina Creed ! With the clock ticking the ball made it down to GHS shooting circle with the help of the amazing accuracy of Wing Attack Sophie Smith, passing to Willow Barber who made an impressive long shot.

🔸Quarter Two 🔸Score: 12-23

The second quarter began with a few changes in positions and players for both teams. With Poppy Lane as Wing Attack alongside Janine Syborn in as Goal Attack, the play from Heath and Hygiene changed during this second quarter. With Fran in centre court, helping the team with her speed, especially against the fast Casey Barber who came on as Wing Defence for GHS. A very keen centre pass led to a call for breaking for GHS, giving possession to Heath and Hygiene, however a held ball then passed it back to GHS! This is a game of back and forth, and very entertaining to watch, as both teams were clearly trying their hardest to keep possession of the ball. Britt Wilson in full defence mode as GK, with Georgina moving to Goal Defence using her agility to her advantage against Janine from Heath and Hygiene. Some great teamwork between Teyanne Stedford in the shooting circle for GHS, some fabulous movements working together with Willow Barber and landing some great shots and rebounds. This match is a brilliant watch, with GHS being a force of fitness, and Heath and Hygiene having an amazing flow of play with each other, two very different styles of netball!

🔸Quarter Three🔸Score: 21 - 33

We are into the second half of the match now, with Katie Brentnall intercepting and working alongside her partner in crime Emily Wilson as Wing Defence for GHS, however Heath and Hygiene gained possession of the ball! This match was very well managed by umpires Edan Felton and Alice Desay, with plenty of interceptions to keep an eye on, the flow of the match was kept in good order. Lauren Sanderson as Wing Attack for Heath alongside Louise Johnson made a great combination with Lauren using her speed and Louise with her height, however the defence from Grace Hewitt as GD for GHS applied great pressure using her height also to get the rebounds from the post. Britt Wilson now moved in to GS for GHS, making it a challenge for Heath’s defence with her quick movements. The changes from Heath and Hygiene now meant that the Dream Team of Zoe Hyams as Centre, Janine and Louise as GA and GS worked in harmony to feed the balls accurately to Louise to land those quick goals! However, Casey Barber couldn’t be stopped, intercepting balls with such speed alongside Georgina and Grace Hewitt in the shooting circle, managing a turnover to push the ball over to Teyanne as GA for GHS landing an impressive shot. We had some panic passes now from both teams, showing their competitive nature and pressure from both ends, the play was back and forth with no goals for either team!

🔸Quarter Four 🔸Score: 30 – 43

The last quarter began with further changes for both teams, keeping their legs fresh for this intense match. Casey Barber now moving into GD for GHS, attempting to use her speed to her advantage, however the experienced flow of Heath and Hygiene could not be stopped, with them landing 3 consecutive goals bringing the score to 26-37. Liv Woods as WA for Heath used her speed and fast passes with the guidance from Zoe Hyams, made GHS change their play now with Willow Barber very cleverly drawing her defenders out of the shooting circle. The plays and tactics from GHS gave them a great advantage as well as their speed, using fast passes to try and avoid the brilliant GK Lola Brown for Heath. Lauren Sanderson came back on court after her injury in the previous quarter to fill in for Louise Johnson. With Lauren working brilliantly landing her first shot, working in harmony with Janine Syborn as GA. After a very entertaining back and forth, Global Hydraulic Services took the win with 13 goals ahead. A brilliant and competitive but friendly match!



🤩Thank you to the Umpires: EDAN FELTON & ALICE DESAY

Heath & Hygiene sponsors: http://carpetcleaninggrimsby.co.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/carpetcleaned Global Hydraulic Services sponsors: https://www.globalhydraulics.co.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/GlobalHydraulicServices/