Lenzing Vs Marisco Blue

Grimsby & District Senior League Match Report

Kirsty Charlton

10/9/20232 min read

🟡Quarter 1: Lenzing 11 – 10 Marisco Blue

Marisco Blue start with the first centre pass. This quarter has started with a lot of end-to-end action, the movement of the ball from one end to the other is done with such finesse, with both teams using the whole court to their advantage. The defence of both teams (GD Beth Revill & GK Vicky Carmichael for Marisco and GD Kate Clark & GK Shelly Chapman for Lenzing) stepping up when needed to deny the attackers the chance to bring the score higher. It’s no surprise this quarter finished with one goal in it.

🟠Quarter 2: Lenzing 22 – 25 Marisco Blue

A couple of changes at the start of this quarter for Lenzing, bringing in some new players in the form of Janet Aina at GA and Jeyda Ceylan at WD, both girls have never played in the league before, but you couldn’t tell. Tactics changed slightly for both teams, Lenzing WA Kate Wilson now using aerial balls to reach her GS Adrianne Grimley, a good adjustment allowing them to gain a very slight edge over the defensive unit of Marisco. Down the other end Marisco’s GS Amy Martin using her height to pounce on the rebounds and sink the shots. GD for Marisco Beth Revill working well with WD Ruth Walker to turn over a couple of balls to give Marisco a 3 goal advantage going into the half time break. Neither side showing any sign of giving up!

🔵Quarter 3: Lenzing 34 – 42 Marisco Blue

Marisco just starting to edge away in the 3rd quarter, with a few contact calls going their way and the sharp direct passes from GA Sally-Ann Eaglestone-Stout to GS Amy Martin to gain the turnover goals. Marisco also capitalized on some loose balls with the centre court players of WA Amy Kirkham and C Shaynie Bird seamlessly working together to bring the ball into the attacking end to feed into the shooters. Both teams’ defences still struggling to cut out the aerial passes into the circle with the height of the attacking players but not for want of trying.

🟣Quarter 4: Lenzing 42 – 50 Marisco Blue

This final quarter proved just as exciting as the first quarter, despite the score from Q3 this one finished 8 All. Both teams using the space available to allow the play to flow. GS for Marisco Amy Martin using the space available to her despite the tight marking from GK Lucy Tomlinson to gain a closer shot. A slight knock to Lenzings GA Katie Augusta meant a change and Janet Aina entered the court again. Lenzing matched Marisco goal for goal and the game finished as it started. A brilliant match to observe !

🤩Thankyou to the Umpires: Willow Barber & Nicki Berry

🤩Umpires Player of the Match: Kate Clark & Katie Augusta

🤩Players Player of the Match: Sally-Ann Eaglestone-Stout & Jess Nuttell

🔶Lenzing Sponsors: https://www.lenzing.com/ 🔷Marisco Sponsors: https://www.mariscomedicalpractice.com/

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