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Lucy Hart

9/25/20233 min read

Quarter One 🟣 Score: 13-10 🟣

Phoenix took the first centre with Lovelle managing a turnover which lead to their GS Hannah Raistrick to open up the scoreline. Phoenix reversed the play with a brilliant interception on the centre pass from their GD Emma Blowers which allowed them to even up the score. Lovelle used all of their attacking players starting with Jade Wellings wearing the centre bib using the quick skills of their Wing Attack Rachel Reeder, feeding in perfectly to Goal Attack Tierney Baron working in harmony to the safe hands of Hannah Raistrick who sank the ball into the net. With some toing and froing between the two teams Lovelle were again able to get the ball just inside the goal circle to keep their lead. With Emma Blowers in GD for Phoenix using her speed to her advantage to intercept the ball, using accurate passing through centre court lead to Phoenix’s GA Ali Southall scoring for her team, keeping Lovelle on their toes. An unfortunate loose ball was scooped up by the energetic Jade Wellings, who fed it straight into to the shooter ending the first quarter with Lovelle up by 3 goals.

🔴Quarter Two 🔴 Score: 33-20 🔴

The second quarter began with Phoenix taking first centre pass, who were working hard as a team and managed to gain three goals taking the score line up to 13-13. With both teams evenly matched at this point, it was goal for goal with the scoreline reading 14-14, 15-15 and 16-16. With Lovelle’s defence standing strong using Lucy Hart GD and Lucy Fox as GK working in unison, Phoenix were struggling to feed the ball to their shooters. With perseverance GA Ali Southall used her sharp movement to pass both defenders, with the help of her team mate Kirsty Charlton in GS using quick passes and accuracy she was able to sink another goal. Phoenix worked hard from the back line using their WD Georgina Bacon on the width of the court with the aid of Centre Katie Boyington to direct the ball up to the goal third. Lovelle’s Zoe Marshall WD made a powerful penalty pass to Jade Wellings who sent it straight over the heads of both Phoenix defenders into the hands of tall GS Hannah Raistrick who sank another goal, increasing the score to 26-19. As the ball reached the attacking end of Phoenix Lucy Hart was able to defend the ball using her head.

🔵Quarter Three 🔵Score: 50-27 🔵

This quarter saw a switch in play for Phoenix with Helen Robinson picking up the WD bib leaving the GK bib in the capable hands of Michelle Martin. Phoenix took the first centre for the third time but this was intercepted by Lovelle’s GD Lucy Hart before Phoenix were able to score. This did not deter the Phoenix ladies and they worked hard to get the ball back in their attacking third, unfortunately a footwork error meant that they weren’t able to get it to their shooters this time. Lucy hart switched over to GK in this quarter, taking the free pass over to Zoe Marshall who fed it to the attackers to get the ball back up the other end of the court. Phoenix Centre Katie Boyington wasted no time in taking her next centre pass and was quick to get the ball back into the goal third with the aid of WA Lara Shoubridge, GA Ali Southall was on fire with her sharp shots scoring another goal. Lovelle worked the ball into their attacking third but a perfectly timed intercept from Michelle Martin meant that Phoenix were able to gain possession again. This lead to a toss up between GS Kirsty Charlton and GK Lucy Hart, who was able to use her speed to gain first touch of the ball, however this fell into the hands of the opposition landing them another goal. A second toss up occurred in this quarter, this time between GD Lucy Fox and GS Kirsty Charlton, this time Lucy F was able to guide the ball to WD Zoe Marshall who secured the turnover. Lovelle had the lead at the end of this quarter but it was still all to play for!

🟠Quarter Four 🟠 Score: 59-42 🟠

Lovelle started off this quarter with WA Rachel Reeder swooping in and taking control of the ball, working hard to get the ball to the agile GA Tierney Baron, who worked the ball in to the shooting circle by using Jade Wellings. Phoenix Centre Katie Boyington showed no signs of tiring, she worked hard to get some immaculate intercepts and win back possession. Lovelle worked well together starting from the back line, using patience to go through all players to work their way up the court. The rapid movement of GA Ali Southall did not slow throughout the four quarters with her sharp movements working in unison with GS Kirsty Charlton. GK Michelle Martin continued to battle against the height of Lovelle's GS Hannah with some fabulous interceptions. This game was a friendly battle with high energy and great skill shown by both teams. Well done to all on court.

👏 Umpires Player: Michelle Martin & Ali Southall

👏 Players Player: Michelle Martin & Lucy Fox

🟢Thank you to the Umpires: Nikki Berry and Chris Reveler 👏